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About WorldPay

For millions of people around the world, WorldPay is the way to pay - trusted and secure.  They are a Payment Service Provider that enables businesses to accept credit and debit card payments securely over the internet.

Making a Payment

Through WorldPay we accept Visa, Matercard, Maestro, and JCB.  The following outlines how payments are made to us through WorldPay:


Linked Payments/ Over the Phone:  a payment request will be made for service provision including mileage and/ or expenses incurred will be made one the 1st/ 2nd of the month following supoort provided.  Such payments will be taken over the phone/ via email link (Virtual Terminal/ Pay by Link).


Payment can also be invoiced and payments made through a BACs transfer or Cheque, although WorldPay is our prefeferred and secured payment provider.

Payment Confirmation

Linked Payments; when you submit your payment details, the WorldPay payment service will request authorisation from your Card Issuer and carry out any fraud screening checks the online store may have set up.  Depending on the outcome of the authorisation request, you will see either a successful or a failed message on screen which will confirm the result of your transaction.


A successful payment will also be confirmed by email by WorldPay. This email will include the details of your purchase and your Transaction ID; which is a unique reference for your payment, and should be quoted on any correspondence with us.


Please note that WorldPay only provides Flexible Respite with the ability to process online payments and they do not own or hold information about the services we provide, and cannot provide refunds or cancel any service agreement.


If you have any questions or concerns about a payment please contact us.

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